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The museum, owned and operated by the non-profit Coffeyville Historical Society, is the realization of a dream of many Coffeyville citizens who understood the importance of collecting items not only relating to the Dalton Raid but also relating to early-day life in the Coffeyville area.  In the museum are collections of the following:

  • Mementos of early-day Coffeyville
  • Mementos of Wendell Willkie - who lived and taught school in Coffeyville
  • Mementos of Walter Johnson - who lived in Coffeyville
  • Mementos of the Dalton Raid

The Dalton Defenders and Coffeyville History Museum has been relocated to 814 Walnut Street in Coffeyville, Kansas. It is located across the street from the Coffeyville Chamber of Commerce.


Come check out our new location!

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